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7 Years of Consistent Training

StanLIFTS  is for anyone working to better themselves and become the most uplifted version of themselves. Together we can lift each other up.

StanLIFTS is dedicated to bringing you the most current and accurate information regarding general fitness, strength training, bodybuilding, exercise technique, nutrition, as well as cooking tips and the occasional rant. This site is a tool to help you achieve your goals using most efficient and scientifically validated methods. I understand that the average person cannot optimally achieve their potential without having at least some understanding of the scientific principles behind what they are doing and how that science translates to a real life setting. Thus, this site aims to bring you that information in a way that is understandable, yet concise and accurate.

Stanley Murkland is a personal trainer and Coach in the Los Angeles Area. He has a Bachelor degree in Exercise from Skidmore College, and is certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports medicine. Stanley specializes in strength and hypertrophy training, as well as  weight/fat loss for all individuals. He has helped dozens of individuals achieve their ideal strength and body composition goals.

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With 7 years of strength training experience, Stanley looks forward to competing in his first USAPL sanctioned  powerlifting meet in late 2017. His best gym lifts are a 525lb belt-less squat, 635lb deadlift, and a 365lb bench press at 6’2 220lb, drug free.

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635lb Deadlift at 220lb. Drug Free


In addition to these feats of strength, Stanley has also undergone various transformations with his own body, exploring a variety of various lifting techniques, programming ideologies, and nutritional guidelines. He has gained upwards of 40lbs in 3 months, as well as lost close to 40lbs in 3 months, being as heavy as 265lb and as light as 210lbs with 9% body-fat (DEXA verified).

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270lb on Top vs 220lb on Bottom